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My choice of tourniquet: RMT tactical 1.5 inches

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I procrastinated for a long time before choosing a tourniquet. I had no doubt about the interest of such equipment, but I had to find the ideal model. I finally opted for the tourniquet RMT M2inc, in its tactical version.

Before going further, a few reminders about the proper use of tourniquets: firstly, the installation of a tourniquet does not condemn the limb on which it is placed, provided that the medical care is fast. Most studies show that under 2 hours of exposure, the risks of complications and permanent damage are very low (source: " Tourniquet use in the civilian prehospital setting " study). Second, the tourniquet is not the magic wand that will regulate all bleeding. Most hemorrhages are treatable via direct compression. In addition, some hemorrhages cannot be sprinkled, since the tourniquet can only be applied to the limbs. Do not be satisfied with the tourniquet as the sole means of hemostasis: Hemostatic gauzes also have their place. Thirdly, and this is the most important point, the use of the tourniquet should be considered only in the case of massive bleeding, threatening in the short term the life of the person, such as that caused by tearing or dislocation of a limb, or by reaching an artery. Finally, before you rush on the material, train yourself!

Let's go back now to the choice of the RMT. Among the materials used and recognized by professionals, we find in addition to the RMT, SOFT-T, and CAT(both validated by the Tactical Combat Casualty Care Committee ). The SOFT-T and the CAT are excellent, but can only be used once, which does not allow to train with (unless you buy a second tourniquet exercise, which increases the budget). RMT tourniquets can be used hundreds of times, allowing regular workouts at no extra cost. In addition ratchet tourniquets such as the RMT allow a thinner tightening, which requires less force, and a tightening without risk if the member starts to bleed again. All these advantages made me lean towards the RMT.

It remained to determine the version. I opted for the tactical version of 1.5 inches wide (3.8 cm like CAT and SOFT-T), the most compact and light because I am a simple citizen not particularly exposed. The folded tactical version is about 23cm long, 3.8cm wide and 3.2cm thick (due to the buckle). Its weight is 101g.

The price is slightly higher than that of CAT or SOFT-T, but much lower than that of a CAT or a SOFT-T coupled with a training version. Count around $ 36 at Israeli First Aid which offers the best prices for the RMT range.

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